Patrick Kelly delivers thrill ride with HILL COUNTRY GREED: AN AUSTIN, TEXAS MYSTERY

My debut novel, Hill Country Greed: An Austin, Texas Mystery, was recently published and is available on Amazon and other online retailers.  Woo Hoo!!   Hill Country Greed ebook-final-1536x2048

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Here are a few of the Amazon reviews the novel has received.

I need a second helping of Hill Country hijinks now! – Larry Sykes

Honestly, I found it hard to believe this was Mr. Kelly’s first effort. The story sucked me in quickly and never bogged down. The mystery kept me guessing until the very last, when everything came together in a most satisfying manner. Hill Country Greed is chock full of sexy, sleazy, smarmy, and smart characters, all well developed and fascinating in and of themselves. Joe Robbins is a complex and flawed hero who’s grab for the golden ring left him bruised and bedded, but not beaten! I don’t know what Mr. Kelly has planned for his second novel, but I’m anxious to find out more about Joe Robbins’ back story and what makes him tick!

In the words of Oliver Twist, “Please, sir. I want some more.”

Hill Country Great! – Karen D. Snyder

Great read! Well constructed. Characters were well developed. Pat Kelly has created the next Stone Barrington with a twist. Looking forward to the sequel.

Great dot-com era thriller – Ryan C.

I worked in the high tech sector in Austin during the dot-com era, which is the backdrop for this book. And I can tell you, this book captures it perfectly. Anyone who was in this business in the ’99-’01 timeframe will recognize the people and the mindset that permeate the software company depicted in the book.

Really captivating story, lots of good plot twists & turns, and very hard to put down. Buy it, read it today, you’ll love it!

Don’t Miss This One! – Bolin Millner

If you like thrillers, and even if you don’t, you’ll love this book. First of all, the protagonist, Joe Robbins is a highly skilled and complex character. He is a family man as his relationship with his young daughters shows. I hesitate to say that this relationship with his girls is “endearing” because I don’t want to give you the wrong impression – he is hard as nails in a lot of ways. He knows his way around the board room and he knows martial arts. (He knows his way around the bedroom too!) This book has an immediacy to it – you feel like you may have heard about the corporations and the personalities involved on the evening news. The reader gets to enter an intriguing world, filled with power players and greed, while at the same time the book is an imaginative and engaging mystery. Personalities and plot make this a great read. Don’t miss it.

Very fast paced and entertaining read – highly recommend it! – Peter Zapple

I received Hill Country Greed on a Friday night and finished reading it by Sunday. I found it to be a fast paced and very engaging read that I found very difficult to put down. The story contains enough twists and turns to keep even the most veteran detective story reader off-balance and wondering what is going to happen next. Patrick Kelly does a great job of bringing the dot com era to life, from both the financial and human perspective. I also enjoyed his descriptions of Austin and Las Vegas and eagerly look forward to his next book!

A great mystery that will have you guessing until the end – Andrew

Hill Country Greed is an exciting mystery that will pull you in and keep you guessing until the very end.

The story is told by the CFO at a fast growing software company in Austin in the late 90s. The company is gearing up for an IPO as the markets crater.

Austin residents will find it particularly as much of the action takes place at well known Austin locations.

Definitely worth reading.

Very entertaining story! – KS

Hill Country Greed is a fantastic debut novel that I found myself unable to put down until it had revealed all of its secrets. Mr. Kelly’s story is full of great characters, scenes and dialogue that truly make you feel as though you were there. I highly recommend this.

Conclusion: If you like financial thrillers or business mysteries or stories about Austin, Texas, you should DEFINITELY read Hill Country Greed. Click to read the first five chapters free. You WILL be entertained.

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