Financial Thriller: Hill Country Rage: Cover Photo ===>>>> Photo Gallery

In a pivotal scene of the Joe Robbins Financial Thriller, Hill Country Rage, Joe sneaks up to a mansion on Lake Travis from the water side and climbs into a boathouse. For the book cover I wanted to use an actual photo of Lake Travis.

To get this shot I went to Mansfield Dam Park and walked across a narrow isthmus to an island that is normally submerged but visible when lake levels are seriously low.

Once inside the boathouse, I hoisted the dry bag onto the decking and pulled myself out of the water.

Joe Robbins hoists his dry bag from the water into a boathouse like this one in Hill Country Rage.


For more visual images of scenes from Hill Country Rage check out the photo gallery.

Those of you who live in Austin know that Lake Travis was about sixty feet below normal in the spring of 2014. Recently the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) declared that Lake Travis had reached capacity once more due to rains received since last summer.

In the photo above you can see a rock wall well above the floating boathouse. Today that wall is under water.

Take a look at the final cover to sort out the portion of the photo we used in its design.

Hill Cover Rage cover used an actual photo of Lake Travis when water level was sixty feet below normal.

Hill Cover Rage cover used an actual photo of Lake Travis.

Derek Murphy, my cover designer, spliced a photo of a lone boatman onto the cover as well. The boatman was taken from the below photo. You can see the boathouse in the distance.


Watch for the first episode of Hill Country Siren, which I plan to post here next week.