Hill Country Siren: A Joe Robbins Financial Thriller (BOOK 3) Episode 1

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November 2, 2003

I loved Sophie Tyler long before she hired me.

She was a hometown hero, a musician who grew up in Austin and made the big time. Sophie got her start in the mid-seventies working live venues with a band called the Texas Strangers. She worked the southwest circuit until she got her break as a solo artist in the early eighties.

In high school I couldn’t afford the ticket for a live performance, but I bought her albums and played them over and over, studying the covers and the liner notes, mesmerized by her voice. I would put her album on the record player in my upstairs bedroom and climb onto the roof to look at the stars.

When an incident affects me profoundly enough to invade my dreams, I write about it. The setting down of words on paper helps me think through the events, the role I played, the gains and losses, and the lessons learned, if any. I’ve been writing this story for weeks now, typing away in solitude, earbuds in, listening to Sophie’s music.

Though my journey began with a simple investigation it eventually meandered, step by avoidable step, onto a path more wondrous and perilous than any I had ever known. To the wonders I contributed nothing, but as for the perils . . . well . . . you must be the judge.

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Date palms line the streets on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills

Date palms line the streets of Canon Drive in Beverly Hills

Synopsis: Joe Robbins (freelance CFO) is hired by Sophie Tyler, an aging rock star, to conduct a fraud investigation and winds up on the trail of a serial killer.

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For those readers returning to the series, Episode 1 provides an update on Joe’s relationship with his first love, Rose, and also a brief visit with his daughters, Chandler (twelve), and Callie (ten). You’ll also get to see Lieutenant Rico Carrillo, head of the Austin Police Department’s homicide division.

If you are new to the series, fear not. Hill Country Siren stands on its own, and if you like the story you can catch up later by reading Hill Country Greed and Hill Country Rage.

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