About Patrick

In 2009, after working in finance for several decades, I pressed PAUSE on the career and took up the serious business of learning how to write. Five years later, with countless deleted pages behind me, I published Hill Country Greed.

Seeking inspiration in Old San Juan

Thus was born Joe Robbins.

Joe is a freelance Chief Financial Officer with a head for numbers, a penchant for trouble, and a history with boxing and guns.

And Joe has a character flaw. Whenever he sees trouble he runs toward it, even though everyone else is running away. This tendency irritates his wife, Rose, not to mention Lieutenant Rico Carrillo, head of Austin’s homicide unit.

In each novel a company that needs help hires Joe. In the process of helping, Joe figures out something that others don’t want him to know. This creates conflict. Sometimes people get murdered. Sometimes people try to murder Joe. I enjoy telling these stories.

If that sounds like fun, then strap in for a thrill ride through the hill country of Texas.

The unending accounts of sexual assault on college campuses compelled me to write Survivors’ Dawn, a novel that tells the story of three young women who struggle to survive sexual assault and bring their assailant to justice. I published Survivors’ Dawn under the pen name of Ashley Warren.

Narissa Johnson interviews Patrick for KOOP Radio's Writing on the Air

Narissa Johnson interviews me for KOOP Radio’s Writing on the Air


Patrick teaches workshop for aspiring writers at the Tucson Festival of Books

Here I am teaching a workshop for aspiring writers at the Tucson Festival of Books

I love to write and to talk about writing. I have taught workshops, conducted radio interviews and led book group discussions. Use the contact tab to ask me about any of the these opportunities.



Texas Book Festival 2016

Texas Book Festival 2016

Book club discussion of Hill Country Greed

Book club discussion of Hill Country Greed



    1. Joyce – thank you for reading Hill Country Greed. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I agree that it has movie potential – particularly with Austin as the backdrop. Who would you see in the role of Joe Robbins?


  1. Pat, I learned from Susie last night that we are both bloggers AND that you’ve published a novel. Congrats!! I downloaded the Kindle version from Amazon and look forward to diving into it this evening.



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