About Patrick

Seeking inspiration in Old San Juan

I’m so lucky. Count your blessings, right?  Great parents. Great spouse. Great kids. Great dog.

Petey – a true road warrior

 Plus, I was born in the United States of America, which despite its shortcomings is still one of the best countries in the world. Plus, I get to hang full-time in Austin, Texas, live music capital of the world.

Stevie – a giant of a guitarist who was taken too soon.

 Back to the bio: I was raised in Virginia (beautiful state), lived in Pennsylvania a while (another beautiful state), and then moved to Texas (big state, beautiful people.) For many years I worked as a finance guy in the corporate world. My career was good to me. Eight years ago I pursued a lifelong passion of writing. I read books on how to write and wrote a lot of first drafts. Eventually the Joe Robbins Series was born, starring a freelance CFO/amateur detective/boxer living in Austin.

Joe Robbins ready to spar

Last blessing: Readers. Thank you to readers who give me encouragement. After spending a year writing a novel, to have a reader give it a positive review, or tell me they enjoyed it, means so much. And thank you to readers who recommend my work to their friends. Word of mouth is an incredible thing.

I love hearing from you, so please reach out using the contact form on this website, Twitter, or my Facebook page.




    1. Joyce – thank you for reading Hill Country Greed. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I agree that it has movie potential – particularly with Austin as the backdrop. Who would you see in the role of Joe Robbins?


  1. Pat, I learned from Susie last night that we are both bloggers AND that you’ve published a novel. Congrats!! I downloaded the Kindle version from Amazon and look forward to diving into it this evening.



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