Joe Robbins: an amateur detective with mixed emotions

Note from the publisher: The Joe Robbins Series was re-released in February of 2018. The unabridged versions of the first three novels (Hill Country Greed, Hill Country Rage, and Hill Country Siren) were given new covers and new titles.




Joe will earn fifty million dollars in a software IPO, but when the market crashes, and a director on the board is murdered, Joe becomes a suspect.






When his best friend is murdered on a street in Austin, Joe embarks on a relentless quest for justice.





Joe is hired by an aging rock star to investigate a fraud. He solves the case in a of couple days, but when the perpetrator is brutally murdered, Joe is drawn into the frightening path of a freshly awakened serial killer.


The unabridged edition of the novel (Hill Country Siren) won the 2016 Beverly Hills Book Award for the thriller category.



Strap in for a fast ride on the thrillercoaster.