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“I finished Hill Country Siren in the middle of the night, which is always a good sign. I just love that Joe Robbins, the hero, is a CFO.”  — PATRICIA LITTLE, CFO, The Hershey Company

“Kelly’s breezy prose keeps Robbins’ white-collar investigations lively.”   —  Kirkus Reviews

“fast-paced and engaging, particularly the ever-changing cat-and-mouse games at the story’s peak”      – Foreword Clarion Reviews on Hill Country Greed

“Patrick Kelly is the Austin version of John Grisham, but with more of a business grounding.”      – Brett Hurt, Founder of Bazaarvoice, Coremetrics, and Hurt Family Investments

“Joe may be a good CFO, but he’s an even better detective and carries the mystery like a seasoned professional.”      – Kirkus Reviews

“It brings to mind the raw fatalism of noir crime stories of old, but with a modern sophisticated hero who is searching for answers in the streets and neighborhoods of Austin.”      – Wade Monroe, Angel Investor – Austin, Texas

“a refreshing change from the many retired spy/assassin stories”      – Michael Durham, Independent Corporate Director

“Joe Robbins is a flawed hero wrestling with tough decisions, but he’s also a CFO who’s not afraid to kick ass and take names.” – Mark Miller, CFO – Active Network

“Patrick Kelly proves once again that he has what it takes to write entertaining, page-turning novels.” – Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

Amazon reviewers:

“I read this book in two days. It was almost impossible to put down.”

“Hill Country Greed is a fantastic debut novel.”

“The protagonist, Joe Robbins, is a highly skilled and complex character.”

“I can feel the Austin sun and almost taste the margarita as I visualize the team from the start up ‘Connection’ at the other end of the bar.”

“This mystery kept me guessing until the very last page.”

“There are a few scenes in the novel that are incredibly suspenseful, to the point that my heart was quite literally racing as I read them.”

“Joe is a flawed hero, but one [that] readers really care about, a tough guy with a head for numbers and a heart that’s easy to break.”

“Joe, our protagonist, is a compelling CFO/self-made detective and vulnerable to the temptations of his position of privilege and opportunities.”