Joe Robbins is a husband, a father, and an amateur boxer. With a burning desire for IPO riches, Joe moves his family to Austin, Texas. Soon after an employee commits suicide at a company party. All is not well.

Despite Joe’s nagging concerns the company roles forward. The party continues. Madness ensues. Vegas. Booze. Adultery. MURDER!

Meet the frenetic cast:

  • Webb Elliot, charismatic CEO who systematically seduces employees.
  • Henry Jiwanlal and Tommy King, zealots who put the dream of the company above all else.
  • Gwen Raleigh, the beautiful VP of Marketing who sets her sites on bedding Joe.

The market crashes, the company collapses, and a director of the board is murdered. When Joe becomes a suspect, he must use his mind to solve the mystery and his fighting skills to clean up the mess.

>>>>> Glowing reviews

“I can feel the Austin sun and taste the margarita as I visualize the team from Connection Software at the other end of the bar.” – Amazon reviewer

“fast-paced and engaging, particularly the ever-changing cat-and-mouse games at the story’s peak” – Foreword Clarion Review

“kept me guessing until the very last page.” – Amazon reviewer

“the raw fatalism of noir crime stories of old” – Wade Monroe, Austin Investor

“Have already purchased the follow up novels for my Kindle.” – Amazon reviewer

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