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The 1st chapter of Hill Country Siren will be released on the BLOG March 1st, 2016.

We will be posting a new chapter of the book every week leading up to the release of Hill Country Siren in Spring 2016. Sign up for news and updates and get the e-book of Siren free for a limited time after its release!


Joe Robbins is hired to review the personal finances of Sophie Tyler, an aging rock star and Austin hometown hero. His initial valuation is straightforward — Sophie spends more than she earns — but closer scrutiny uncovers the possibility of a fraudulent investment.

As Joe closes in on the fraud scheme the fraudster shows up dead, sending Joe on the trail of a serial killer.   Hill Country Siren photo gallery.


HC Greed ebook final v4 1.8MB

                                                                      Hill Country Greed (BOOK ONE):              Joe will earn fifty million dollars in Connection Software’s IPO, but he has to keep his job first, which won’t be easy for a couple reasons. First, Gwen Raleigh, the VP of Marketing, wants to bed Joe despite the fact that he’s married. Even worse, a murderer kills a director on the board, which makes Joe a suspect in the eyes of the police.

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                                                                       Hill Country Greed (BOOK TWO):            Joe Robbins is a freelance CFO for Hill Country Capital, a real estate investment company. Neil Blaney, Joe’s best friend, is connected to the drug cartels. When Neil is murdered on an Austin street mid-day, Joe begins a relentless quest for justice.

















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Available on Kindle or paperback.

Hill Country Greed – Kindle page

Hill Country Rage – Kindle Page

Also available at BookPeople in Austin, Texas.