Book 1 of the Joe Robbins Financial Thrillers

Joe Robbins is a chief financial officer with a beautiful wife, a burning desire for riches, and a history with boxing and guns. It is 1999 in Austin, TX, at the peak of the high-tech boom, and Joe has a dream: He will take Connection Software public to win riches and financial freedom. Events proceed according to plan, until an employee commits suicide in a public way… MORE >>

Financial intrigue. Emotion. Great characters.

Suspense. Tension. Thrills.

Action! Fight scenes!

SEX! – Enough for an R rating – but no more.

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Amazon Reviews for Hill Country Greed and Hill Country Rage:

“I read this book in 2 days. It was almost impossible to put down.”

“The mystery kept me guessing until the very last . . .”

“The action starts immediately and engages the reader throughout the tale”

“Hill Country Greed is a fantastic debut novel . . .”

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Joe Robbins: A fascinating hero.

Why the R-rating?

Heart-pumping action scenes.

The setting. Hey – it’s Austin. Enough said.

Read beginning of Hill Country Greed (40 pages)

Read beginning of Hill Country Rage (33 pages)


Hill Country Greed – Kindle page

Hill Country Greed – Paperback

Hill Country Rage – Kindle Page

Hill Country Rage – Paperback

Also available at BookPeople in Austin, Texas.



  1. I can’t wait to read Patrick Kelly’s novel.I know nothing about Austin,Texas,but I am sure that I will learn a great deal by reading Patrick’s exciting new novel.

  2. I just received my copy in the mail! I’ve only visited Austin a few times but it’s a fascinating place! Looking forward to a heaping helping of Hill Country hijinks from a real insider!

    1. Larry, Thank you for reading Hill Country Greed. I think you will be entertained by the colorful, eclectic Austin settings. And for an extra treat there are two over-the-top trips to Vegas. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Patrick — Just posted a review of HCR on Amazon (from “austex”). Loved your story and look forward to another Joe Robbins adventure! I am always available to review a draft. What fun reading a great story set in our own home town!

    1. Henry,

      Thank you for the review on Amazon! As a self-publisher I rely on word-of-mouth and Amazon reviews. I’m glad you found Hill Country Rage entertaining. I’m working on the next in the series but it will take a while to get it in shape.



  4. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog! I thoroughly enjoyed your book and look forward to reading the sequel! :)

    My email is debbi@crimecafe.net. If you’d like to be a guest on my upcoming podcast, please let me know. Hopefully, the podcast will be up and running by June.


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