Prologue – Hill Country Greed Hill Country Greed ebook-final-1536x2048

She told me to write it down.

The nightmare is always the same. I start by climbing a dirt path with cedar trees on either side, the sky shockingly bright. It hasn’t rained in a long time, and the trees are dry. The wind is blisteringly hot, and a tree bursts into flames. More trees catch fire, and I start running up the path, becoming winded.

Finally I reach the top and before me, erected on the dirt-and-stone bluff, is a crude scaffold. It’s a beautiful spring day, and the fires have faded away, changing into a light breeze. Three women in party dresses and bare feet hang by the neck from a wooden beam above the scaffold. They call to me for help; the first is Rose, the second Gwen, and the third that poor ballerina.

I sprint to Rose but cannot reach her. Her cries die out and she swings quietly, hands tied behind her back, feet twitching. At one side of the scaffold is a ladder to the beam, and I begin climbing, my eyes glued to the still faces of the women. In my hand is a straight razor; I must cut them down. At the top I crawl across the beam. Rose is the first in line, but as I come closer the rope that holds her disappears.

The landscape below me has changed. The women are gone, and I’m crawling on a log across the San Marcos River, twenty feet above clear aquamarine water. I could easily jump in and float to safety. The razor in my hand has changed into the Smith and Wesson, and a man’s voice directs me: “Shoot him now.” The command comes again. Scanning both banks of the river, I see no one; no one is there but me.

I slip on the log and fall as the water recedes a mile below. Day turns to dusk. Next to me, office building windows rush by. Sometimes I wake then, but usually I keep falling until I land in the water. Opening my eyes, all around me I see red. It’s blood. The blood comes into my nostrils and seeps through my clothes to my skin; it’s thick and slippery. I am deep in the river of blood and can’t find the surface. The blood flows into my mouth and slowly drowns me.

I sit up in bed, sweating, heart pounding, eyes aching, with a man’s scream in my ears.

She told me to write all that happened, from the beginning. She said if I write everything it would help me sleep in peace. So I’m trying to remember everything, to write it all down.


Read the beginning of Hill Country Greedebook-cover final HCR-1536x2048

Read the beginning of Hill Country Rage


Hill Country Greed: An Austin, Texas Mystery, is set in the capital of the Lone Star State.


Click here for Amazon – Kindle Page

Click here for Amazon – Paperback Page

Also available at BookPeople in Austin, Texas.

Hill Country Rage: An Austin, Texas Mystery is now available on Amazon and at BookPeople.


Click here for Amazon – Kindle Page

Click here for Amazon – Paperback Page

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  1. I can’t wait to read Patrick Kelly’s novel.I know nothing about Austin,Texas,but I am sure that I will learn a great deal by reading Patrick’s exciting new novel.

  2. I just received my copy in the mail! I’ve only visited Austin a few times but it’s a fascinating place! Looking forward to a heaping helping of Hill Country hijinks from a real insider!

    1. Larry, Thank you for reading Hill Country Greed. I think you will be entertained by the colorful, eclectic Austin settings. And for an extra treat there are two over-the-top trips to Vegas. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Patrick — Just posted a review of HCR on Amazon (from “austex”). Loved your story and look forward to another Joe Robbins adventure! I am always available to review a draft. What fun reading a great story set in our own home town!

    1. Henry,

      Thank you for the review on Amazon! As a self-publisher I rely on word-of-mouth and Amazon reviews. I’m glad you found Hill Country Rage entertaining. I’m working on the next in the series but it will take a while to get it in shape.



  4. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog! I thoroughly enjoyed your book and look forward to reading the sequel! :)

    My email is debbi@crimecafe.net. If you’d like to be a guest on my upcoming podcast, please let me know. Hopefully, the podcast will be up and running by June.


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