Searching for something different to read?

“a refreshing change from the many retired spy/assassin stories”

 – Michael Durham, Independent Corporate Director

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Joe Robbins is a freelance CFO with a head for numbers, a penchant for trouble, and a history with boxing and guns. In each of the stories Joe is hired on by a new company.

Once hired Joe often discovers secrets that others don’t want him to know. This creates conflict. Someone gets murdered. People try to kill Joe. To survive Joe must use his mind to solve the mystery and his fighting skills to clean up the mess.

In between clues and bullets, Joe tries to make time for his family: Rose, his soulmate, and their two daughters: Chandler and Callie.

Joe also matches wits with Lieutenant Rico Carrillo, head of the A.P.D.’s homicide unit, a former marine with a curious flaw in his left eye that balloons when his blood pressure spikes.

Set in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding hill country, each Joe Robbins story is a thrill ride you won’t want to end.















  1. Henry,

    Thank you for the review on Amazon! As a self-publisher I rely on word-of-mouth and Amazon reviews. I’m glad you found Hill Country Rage entertaining. I’m working on the next in the series but it will take a while to get it in shape.




  2. Larry, Thank you for reading Hill Country Greed. I think you will be entertained by the colorful, eclectic Austin settings. And for an extra treat there are two over-the-top trips to Vegas. Enjoy!


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